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Attention Contractors

Get paid from $400-$4,300 and more, to put a project bid together. We show you how to take your knowledge and apply it to the 203k consultant field. How many bids have you put together for FREE and not gotten the job? Well we will show you how to get paid to do what you currently do for FREE and if you get the job you get a double bonus. We then show you how to get more per inspection... and how we achieved a  fee for putting a job spec together... for a conventional loan on 26 units with draw inspection fees up to $300.

Attention Home Inspectors !!!

How much $money$ do you get for a home inspection? NOT ENOUGH, I'll bet. We show you how to get paid from $400-$1,000 and more for a home inspection with less liability than you currently experience with your standard home inspection by becoming a 203k consultant. Take your knowledge and use it as a FHA 203k Consultant. Every home inspector needs to add this inspection to their product list.

Attention 203k Consultants

Learn how you can provide services to Investors with your knowledge as a 203k consultant. When investors were allowed in the 203k escrow commitment procedure we were all very busy making lots of money and doing lots of 203k consulting project's...

Some of the consultants I know are still very busy working with investors. We show you a couple of other "non-FHA products" designed for your investor clients. Now you can reactivate that old client list for more profits. Use the same 203k forms, contracts, and paperwork for these new programs. I'll show you how to use your 203k consulting knowledge to bid larger projects...I did one that had 16 units where I was paid $1,650 to put the bid package together and over $225/draw plus mileage... we'll show you how too.

Attention 203k Lenders

If you have a contractor or home inspector that you would like to have learn to be a 203k consultant...Now is the time. We teach them how to perform the 203k consultation so you can get those loans closed faster. Put on a STAFF consultant or two so you keep full control of the process. We show you how. Our 203k consulting software provides all the paperwork you need to get these loans closed fast and to limit your liability. You get all the paperwork you need to add to your 203b paperwork to submit for underwriting as a 203k.


If you are looking for a new career in the Home Inspection Business we will take you step by step through the process so you can earn from $30,000-75,000 per year the first year in business. You learn everything you need to know to become an approved 203k consultant.

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203(k) for Consultants, Contractors, Appraisers

& Home Inspectors

$489.00 investment FOR the


M.A. Young

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v16 updated for 2017 for release in January 2017

203k Consulting Software for Windows

FHA 203k, FannieMae Home Style, or Freddie Mac's product all on the same software. With a simple click of a configuration button you can change all reference to the 203k to one of the other loan programs on all your paperwork.


This software produces complete Architectural Exhibits for the 203k loan program in a Windows environment less the blueprints and drawings. All the consultant needs to submit a completed project from the work write up to the invoice & all of the forms for the ongoing inspections. It includes all of the following forms & reports;


Work Write Up
Consultant Agreement
Borrowers Acknowledgment
Acceptance of Conditions
Rehabilitation Loan Agreement
Homeowner/Contractor Agreement
Self Help Agreement
Draw Request (Unlimited number)
Back of Draw Request (Unlimited, one with each draw request)
Re-Cap of the Sub-Total
Job Specifications and Bid Request
203k Inspection Report
Identity of Interest Certification (required by HUD)
Feasibility Analysis Report Form
Change Order Form (Unlimited number)
Progress Payment Lien Release -
HUD, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America's versions
Final Lien Waiver - HUD
Mortgagor's Letter of Completion -
HUD, BofA & Wells Fargo's versions


Features of the 203k consulting software
  • Once you complete the "information page" you can email an acknowledgement to your lender notifying them of the appointment date with the touch of a button. The fax takes advantage of your computer's modem.

  • Mileage a problem? Not any more... go to Map Quest on the internet...plug in your address and the subject properties address. You'll get a mileage one way. Input that for reference. Let the program know how many miles it is one way and it will calculate your draw inspection fee accordingly as well as adjust your initial billing amount.

  • Now it's time to make the inspection... with the touch of a button you will print out a set of "initial Inspection" report blanks to assist you in making your inspection, and an information page so you can verify the borrower's information at the time of your inspection, as well as a complete set of the contracts to leave with the home buyer for review prior to signing at close of escrow. It also make two copies of the "consultant agreement" one for you to get signed and bring back for your file and the other to leave with the borrower.

  • You get all of the features typical of Microsoft Windows programs that include word wrap and sentence wrap.

  • Once you make your inspection and write the "home inspection" report and your ready to write the Bid Spec. You can see the "home inspection" report on a split screen as you type the "Bid Spec". This feature will save you having to print out the home inspection report till the entire project is ready to print.

  • While you are typing up your "Bid Spec" and you notice an error in the inspection report you can go right to it on that same screen and correct it without going back to the inspection input screen.

  • Once your bid spec is complete you can now FAX it to your contractors and/or lender right from the program provided you have a modem. Otherwise if you have an efax program you can print to that and fax, or print to a pdf writer (built into this version) and email it to your contractors. 

  • When the bids come back to you and you input the changes you can print the entire report with the push of a button. The program selects your "group" of forms to print so you don't have to wonder which forms to turn in to the lender... the program prints all you need automatically...the loan closes.

  • You get a call a short time later when the contractor is ready for the first draw inspection. You merely click on the "first draw package" and you get a complete set of the bid specs, a progress payment lien release, a final lien release, a mortgagee's letter of completion, Draw Request #1, and a change order blank. These are all necessary to prepare you for the first draw in case it is complete and to provide the necessary forms in case there are other contingencies. In any case you are fully prepared for the first draw.

  • You get back to your office and create the "back" so you can mail off draw request #1 to the lender. You should also input that draw request and print the next draw inspection report (Draw #2) and keep it in your folder so you are ready for the next draw. This way, when you get a call for draw #2, you just grab the file folder and go... I typically carry the active folders with me in case they call and I'm in the area. This gives me the opportunity to complete a draw in much less time and when I'm already enroute.  

  • We've tried to make this as complete as possible to make your job easier and more organized while keeping the cost of the software to approximately that of one single project. You can't afford not to upgrade your system with the 203k Consulting Software by

  Version 2016 written in the latest version of C-Sharp available soon

Your investment is $699 for about the cost of one job.

"The Mike Young Team" is here to serve you

If you already have an older version of our software you can upgrade for $350

... about the cost ABOUT HALF THE COST of a single project

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This is more than just a software program... It's a way to improve your effectiveness in writing the reports while protecting yourself and your lender.

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Our software is being used successfully all across America and is considered the "best presentation of a finished 203k consultation product" by the lenders who know. 

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2/2004 The MBAs of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico voted our software output as "The best 203k presentation they have ever seen" and "easiest to underwrite"


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