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This is the best training for a 203k consultant available anywhere!

We guarantee it, even if you took a course from someone else you will be very happy with the results we are able to achieve for you

Investment: ONLY $489... and includes a free workbook

Originally this was 2-days of intensive instruction, a workbook with over 199 pages of reference materials from HUD (FREE) as well as our training notes and a completed 203k "Work Write Up". This course is designed to give you the basics of the 203k loan program so you can provide 203k Consultation or Construction Consultation Services to your lender clients and critical consumer information depending on your other qualifications.  You'll learn how to make an inspection, how to complete the necessary paperwork for submission to your lender, and how to build a business around the 203k and related loan programs.

Day 1 includes a 1.5 hour segment that teaches you how to make money with the 203k and other rehab loan programs, the "ins and outs of the 203k loan program", then on to a slide presentation showing some actual 203k "before" and "after" scenes, and a detailed description of the 203k process to include the filling out of the Maximum Mortgage Worksheet with some actual case studies. This is really the main difference between a 203b loan (the standard FHA loan that has been around for years) and a 203k loan (that includes money to make repairs) and once you include your paperwork the lender has everything to make this a 203b.

Day 2 is directed at the actual inspection process and the filling out of the forms for the 203k Work Write Up... Be prepared to take some other loan program information back with you that will put you way out ahead of your competition. By adding a few more minutes to your initial consultation meeting you can save yourself and your lender hours of discussion later on during the course of construction.

Now it is all online and at your own pace. It should take you about 3 days or 20-24 hours of self study.

You will learn the "do's and don'ts" of consulting. Can you believe there are consultants out there that will make a draw inspection on site...drive back to their office and type up the draw request... drive back to the site for signatures? Wrong way Corrigan... the idea is to make money in this business. We show you the proper way to make a draw inspection... one trip out does it all and further protects you in the process. You need that piece of paper with the items listed that they want and you didn't give them as much as the lender needs the list with the items that are complete... we show you why.

You got me... it isn't a "live course" any more and that is why we are able to drop the price so dramatically.

We recommend that you purchase the training program. We will send you a temporary unlock key for our software too so you can "kick the tires on it" then after that trial period you can purchase the software. Many times that means your first job paid for the program. We look forward to working with you to help you become the best in your marketing area.

 Our award winning 203k consultant software for the finished reports is still only $699.00 - Our software is a license to use the software without restriction on as many projects as you want. There is NO - "Per Use" charges, there is NO - requirement to upgrade your software. Every version of our software since 1994 is still in use.

Master Card, Visa, American Express, cash or money orders are welcome methods of payment

Your instructor will be Mike Young, 203k Consultant,  former FHA real estate appraiser and an active 203k Consultant, one of the largest in the nation.  The all new "203k Software Version v16" now available and it is clearly the best on the market today.

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What is the best way to get into the 203k consulting business?

That is simple and it doesn't matter that you are relatively new to consulting or an old timer in the business for years. A Mike Young Team business arrangement is the way to go.

If you want to make money and get leads without doing seminars you should consider a 203k business arrangement, why reinvent the process?

We have it down and you can take advantage of our experience and expertise in the business. We have experience with having 15 W2 staff Consultants as employees, thousands of completed projects, presentations that will get you referral partners, you will have others selling your product for you in no time at all.

"Business Arrangement" Information is available by email Mike@my203kconsultant.com for immediate response. Be sure to include your full name, address, phone number and best time to contact you. Please include a resume of your experience. This could be the best day of the rest of your life.

1.707.812.7668 for immediate assistance we actually answer most of our calls

We have the best marketing program in the USA and it is included in our training. Seasoned professionals use our training & software just for our marketing expertise.

203k in a box - NOT - in a cube - That's right

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